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Welcome to the official website of the Ice Prowl Reverse Mortgage Company, the number one choice for all reverse mortgage options. The Ice Prowl Reverse Mortgage Company operates in Alaska and other arctic regions and has carved out a name as a friendly and efficient reverse mortgage loan providers.
This Reverse Mortgage Will Not Give You Much Wealth.
This Reverse Mortgage Will Not Give You Much Wealth.

We offer free consultation and would be there to guide you from the beginning right to the end. We offer our own loans and work with other Alaska lenders when our client can not fit any of our own programs. The Arctic is known to be a cold region with abundant snow, ice and explorations in the region, yet it is home to about four million people. Ice Prowl Reverse Mortgage Company is poised to provide first class reverse mortgage services to these people. 

Reverse mortgage is a unique form of loan. It is designed to assist old citizens in their retirement age. With reverse mortgage loan you can benefit from a loan that is drawn against your house but that does not put your house at risk. If you are above sixty you can apply and qualify for a reverse mortgage loan. Click here for more information on reverse mortgages.

All you need is to own a house or to have repaid a substantial part of the house mortgage. You can then use the house to secure a reverse mortgage loan and as long as you reside in the house, you do not have to repay, neither can the house be sold to cover your debts. Are you considering a reverse mortgage loan option? Ice Prowl Reverse Mortgage Company can help you make an easy and wise choice. Call and book a consultation with one of our mortgage experts now.  

With Ice Prowl Reverse Mortgage Company working for you, the whole process is made easier as we guide you all the way. Our years of experience in the mortgage industry in general and the reverse mortgage industry in particular make us the best choice. The Arctic is a peculiar place with is own peculiar weather and life style. Snow, ice, cold and explorations are just part of its features but we understand them all and have what it takes to keep our clients satisfied.

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